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Flat Security Get current status of your Flat along with Photos via Sms/EmailSurya - 9818236374
Cash Down Paid
Cash Down Allotment
Hire Purchase Paid
8% Free hold charge is charged on allotment amount in case of Cash Down. Rs.1700/- is for water connection. Maximum Rs.20000/- was charged as facilitation fee for physical Handover by the intermediaries.
Rs.800/1500 was deposited initially in the year 1979-1984.
Bank Loans are available on Cash Down flats only.
Total cost to the allotter (Cash Down) is RS.9.10 approx in Sep’2006.
Total cost to the allotter (Cash Down) is RS.10.10 approx in Sep’2007.
Total cost to the allotter (Cash Down) is RS.11.50 approx in Nov’2008.
Total cost to the allotter (Cash Down) is RS.14.05 approx in Jun’2011.
Please get the allotment letter verified at the DDA office by getting a Duplicate allotment/photo copy by an independent Broker(Other then the property dealer or his associates) from Vikas Sadan. In case of PA/AS/Registry contact the Sub-Registrar office at Nangloi Crossing(Chowck) adjacent to Nangloi Police Station and get the documents verified in similar procedure. Its better to invest in these small and time consuming activities now, then repenting later for being cheated. Rememebr "Viswasghat" is done by "Viswasniya" people only. Still if you want to be double sure then get the photocopies read by a Lawyer dealing in Properties and take his advice. Also visit the DDA site and verify the registration/payment status online. The URL's are geiven in the usefull link page.
For Hire Purchase D.D.A. has taken the 5.00 on allotment and balance 3.25 in 12 years. The EMI is Rs.4900 approx. payable from Oct’2006.
6.50 on allotment and balance 3.25 in 12 years. The EMI is Rs.5700 approx. payable from Oct’2007.
In case the payments are deposited later (Mutation etc.) D.D.A. has charged Interest on varying slabs as per the delay period.
Normally the EMIs are not deposited up-to-date. While Purchasing HP Flats one should take into consideration the delayed EMI’s and the interest thereon.
Conversion to freehold in the absence of the first party on a later date is a questionable issue.
The list of documents to taken in Original is as follows:-
  1. Initial Amount deposit Receipt.
  2. Allotment letter/ Demand Letter
  3. Recent Photo’s
  4. Proof of Residence (Water Bill etc.)
  5. D.D.A. Payment Challans along with DD/PO photocopies Challans
  6. Possession Letter
  7. Inventory of fittings
  8. GPA, SPA etc of previous owners (Complete Chain)
  9. PAN No.
  10. In case of Mutation
    • Court Affidavit by all major(21+Years) family members
    • Attested signature and photographs
    • DDA letter of Mutation


The documents to be registered:

  1. Agreement to Sell
  2. Will
  3. G.P.A. / S.P.A.


Also insist on having Name, address, Photo Graphs, Pan No, Tele No, Vehicle No of all the previous owners. For address insist on Government Proof (DL, Voter ID Card, Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill). Have a clear Photocopy. In case of Bills get an original Bill not two months older then the registration date. Insist on physical possession of the Flat.


After purchase transfer the water and electricity connections in your Name. Place the responsibility on the Broker for these at the onset of the deal.


Place your name plate on the Door. Place a Iron Door in the front. Remove valuable items normally stolen from flats(Taps and Electrical fitting). Verify the same for time to time. Register your self as the owner with Our Site and also the RWA (Residents Welfare Association).


To register your ownership send us the photocopies of your documents/Showing the originals to us at our office.


We will add your ownership on our site Database along with your photograph and contact details free of charge.



For free listing of your business/organization (Near Loknayakpuram) please send email to ,
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