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Pocket A: The flats in this pocket have the best advantage in the form of both the rooms being independent and Open area per Flat is 43 Sq Mtrs while in other pockets it is 31 Sq. Mtr only. There is ample space for Parking in comparision to other Pockets. Both the rooms have independent access to Balcony(In some blocks), Kitchen, Bathroom and the Main exit door. You can let out a room or have complete privacy for both the rooms. In the design of all other pockets only one room has complete privacy. Has a Computer Center,General Provision Store,Beauty Parlour,South Indian Cafe , Tutioning Center , Doctor's Clinic, Physiotherapy Center and soon Mother Dairy Booth will be operational.

The common passage is very Narrow with drain water pipe in the same space. 6/4/3 Flats per stair case/Floor. Stairs being fully exposed to rain/Sun. Smallest wash basin in the market, useful as a showpiece.

Pocket B1: The flats in this pocket have the best entry design. Only 4 flats are there for a single staircase. The distance between each flats entry door is very large and spacious. The layout of the flats is such that each flat is three sides open. Has the minimum number of flats in a pocket i.e. 900. 50% of the flats have the advantage of extending the Balcony into a full room without Pillars / beams. You can see this construction in 15-20 Flats. Most effective and functional RWA. A provisional store is operational in the Block Market.Creche cum Play School and beauty Parlour is there in the Pocket.

The common area between the 8 flats have the Sewer and drainage connections hence this area cannot be encroached upon or used as parking.

Pocket B2:The flats in the pocket along with Pocket D have the best advantage in the form of having an exclusive 100 Sq. Ft. of Green/Ventilation area. As per the past usage in other D.D.A. colonies this space can be converted into a separate room. Some corner flats have a space of 140Sq, Ft. instead of 100Sq. ft. The ground floor occupants have the advantage of converting this space into a Garden/Covered Area/Room with minimal expenditure. The additional advantage is that this is the First block on the  existing road link and has green cover/Open space on three sides.  Has the minimum number of flats in a pocket i.e. 900.

The entry for the 4 flats on a single floor is very small.


Pocket C: The flats in this Pocket have the most spacious layout. The entry is not clustered and is best next to Pocket B1. Both the rooms are of equal size. The kitchen is the largest among all the pockets. The passage between the rooms is wide. The rooms are very well ventilated.

The Bakkarwala JJ colony is adjacent to this Block. Currently one can see the Night Soil being littered on the main road in front of this block only. In future this may be stopped but the adjacent boundary walls will be sort of cess pool for the same and similar activities.

Pocket D: Has all the advantages that of the pocket B2. The additional advantage is that the proposed Express way/4 Lane road to NH10 is adjacent to this block.A provision store is functional in the Market.

 The entry for the 4 flats on a single floor is very small.  Pocket has 1000 flats while B2 has only 900.  "Desi Sarab Ka Sarkari Dukan" i.e. L10 vend for Country Liquor is operational in the Block Market.

Floor - Ground: Easy access for the old and physically challenged. Can enjoy the winter Sun. Have some Green Area or potted plants on the outside. Vehicles can be parked in the open view. In case of emergency (As usual with Delhites on a regular basis) Charpais can be layed for gossiping. Normally cold compared to other floors in summers.

Cockroaches/Rats are common phenomena in old colonies. Sewer blockage and over flowing of the same. Mosquitoes and Dust is more in this floor. Windows have to be extra strengthened to prevent burglary.

Floor - Top: Easy access and usage of the terrace. Can enjoy the winter Sun and Dry clothes. Have potted plants.  Minimum calls from sales people. Best for health in case you do not have arthritis.Home delivery shops are a boon.

Too hot in the summers. Many stairs to climb hence very few socializing neighbors. Need to plan each and every marketing/shopping activity to minimize trips.

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