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Please provide us information if you have any to complete this page to,9212441688,673 Pkt-A Lokmayakpuram. You can add the same on the Facebook.
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Dated:03-Jul-2012Dept:BSES Subject:Open Street light connections in LNP., Switching off of Street Lights
I am resident of Pocket-A, Loknayakpuram , Delhi-41( Mundka Division).
The Street Lights from Loknayakuram to Shani Mandir (1 Kms). The main switch is at Shani Mandir. The daylight now days is ample even at 5.30am, but the Lights stay on till 7.30 to 8.00 am. Please look into the issue and if possible install a Timer/Photo voltic Switch. Otherwise instruct your Switch-man to switch off them timely. You can authorize the RWA's of LNP to switch on and off the lights as they are doing this for the Lights within the Pockets. Even if you pay Rs.1000/- per month the savings (2.5hrs) would be substantial.
Most of the Junction Boxes of Street Lights in Pocket A are absent/broken. The connections are not insulated and covered. Most of the children play in the central area where there are 4 Light poles to avoid any accidents involving children (During the rains).
I request you to cover all the Junction boxes properly, on an urgent basis the central Play area's at least.
The substation Doors in Pocket A are not Locked/Closed. I request you to assign your personnel the duty of Closing/locking of All the Substation Doors as well as Pillar Junction Boxes.
A.S.Bhaskar,673 Pocket-A,Loknayakpuram,Delhi-41
Dated:12-Jul-12 Dept:Customer Care Group-BRPL Subject:As above
Your Complaint has been attended as confirmed from field inputs.
Notes:On 8th July Feild staff visited and covered all the junction Boxes in the central area of Pocket A.
Also informed that Junction Box covers are procured and will be placed at other open locations as soon as the rains/monsoon stops.
Dated:17-Dec-2011Dept:IGL Subject:Clearing the Debris
I wish to thank your completing the laying out of the PNG pipelines in Loknayakpuram DDA flats near Mundka around a month back.
Please let us know when will we get the PNG Connecitions(Approx). The contractor has dug holes in the RCC paved area and layed the pipes by trench method. He had covered the holes too. But left rthe addition Soil & Debris.
Since MCD is not clearing/sweeping our Area the debris is lying there. Please arrange / direct the contractor to clear the debris.
He has cleared from tthe road but left it in the colony.
A-673, Loknayakpuram.
Date:17-dec-2011Dept:mcd property tax Subject:mcd property tax
Respected Sirs,
Recently there had been announcements to Pay property Tax at Loknayakuram DDA Flats, Bakkarawala- (Ward Hastaal).
But in the online website I am unable to locate the area for Generation of Property ID. Please provide the details for the same.
Wheneever we contact MCD regarding Sweeing,waste Disposal, Road Maintainance, Water, Drain desilataion they answer that the Localaity has not been taken over by MCD yet. Please clarify.
I request you to Collect the taxes by providing us the property ID generation help. Also insist your service providing departments to provide full service to our Area not to treat us step motherly.
A-673, Loknayakpuram
Dated:20-Dec-11 Dept:mcd property tax Subject:mcd property tax
Reply from
Under the Unit Area System for payment of property tax if your colony does not appear on the MCD website, the property tax is to be paid taking into consideration the category of highest neighbouring Colony. However, in such cases, the tax cannot be paid after generation of property ID Online and in such cases, you have to pay the property tax manually by filing the Property Tax Return Form. The property tax can be paid at the Office counter located at Block No. 59-Ashok Nagar, MC Primary School Building.
Regarding providing of services, I am sorry to inform that the Property Tax Department is not concerned with the taking over the services of a particular Colony. In this regard, you may seek confirmation from the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, West Zone.
For any further clarification, you may kindly contact at Telephone No. 2133373

Deputy A&C/West Zone

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